10 Teaching job vacancies at Strategic Computing Centre (STCC)

ob Vacancies at Strategic Computing Centre (STCC)
Location: Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Position: History and Kiswahili Teacher-2, English Teacher-2, Chemistry & Biology Teacher-2, Physics & Mathematics Teacher-2, Geography & Civics Teacher-2


Strategic Computing Centre is an open school education Centre- Form 1 &2 one year (QT), Form 3&4 one year, Form 4 Re-sitters, Form 5&6 One year.
Minimum Qualifications
§ Diploma in education or above is preferable
§ Extensive experience in teaching position, or similar, at least 1 years of work experience on open school or above is preferred.
§ Exceptional performance, leadership and communication skills.
§ Ability to promote efficiency toward achieving organization objectives and profitability.
§ Strong computer skills

Duties and Responsibilities

§ To teach and impart knowledge to the students of Strategic Computing Centre as contained in the Open school syllabus of the subject.
§ To prepare lesson plans with scheme of work and other teaching aids that are necessary for all the subjects the teacher has to teach.
§ At the end of each term teacher has to give a report of his/her work.
§ To administer and maintain student’s discipline in the school and outside the school and also to be responsible for the overall Administration of his/her class.
§ To take part in extra-curriculum activities of the school, together with any other duties and responsibilities entrusted to him/her by the school management.
§ Any other responsibilities assigned by management in performance of duties

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Please send your CV with cover letter and certificates;
Emails: [email protected]
The closing date for application is 04th December, 2020.

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