17 New Government Jobs At Kyela District Council

New Government Jobs At Kilwa District Council, September 2021

Kyela District Council was re-established in 1984 after series landmarks that led to the enacting of Local Governments Act no. 7 (District Authorities) of 1982. It is one of 10 councils comprising of Mbeya Region. Kyela District according to 2012 census had a total population of 221,490 having an annual population growth of 2.4% out of which the number of female is 115,478 where as men are 106,012 hence population density is 168 per sq Km. Kyela District council is divided into two divisions: Ntebela and Unyakyusa, 20 Wards which are subdivided into 102 villages which are divided into 392 Hamlets.

Kyela District Council is located in the Southern end of Mbeya Region and it is one among seven Districts in the region. The District lies between 35o 41 and 30o Longitudes East of Greenwich meridian and 9o25 and 9o 40 Latitudes South of Equator. In the East Kyela District borders with Makete and Ludewa Districts in Njombe Region, in the West with Ileje District in the North with Rungwe District in Mbeya Region and to the South the District borders with The Republic of Malawi. 

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The Executive Director of Kyela District Council in collaboration with the Water Reed Program Tanzania (WR-T) invites application from suitable qualified candidates who wish to work in the Following positions in the PDF FILE below: