197 Job Vacancies at K’s Hospital Mbeya

197 Job Vacancies at K’s Hospital Mbeya. K’s Hospital was established in 1994 and registered in Tanzania as private Hospital under the Private Hospital (Regulation) Act Number 6 of 1977 as amended by Act Number 26 of 1991. It is currently registered as a District level hospital with registration Number 127204. K’s Hospital is located along the Tanzam highway at Mafiat area 2.5 km from Mbeya City Centre.

The Hospital renders its services to the Mbeya inhabitants and neighboring regions and countries such as Iringa, Rukwa, Ruvuma, Zambia, Malawi and Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is in the process of being upgraded to a referral hospital after completion of 8 storey building furnished with modern diagnostic machines including; Digital X-ray, CTSCAN, MRI and other modern dental unit, ophthalmology unit and modern ENT set. Currently, the hospital has all departments required for Zonal hospital including;

  • Internal Medicine,
  • Orthopedics Surgery,
  • General Surgery,
  • Laboratory services – (managed by Lancet laboratories Tanzania – globally recognized for their quality services),
  • OBGY and Gynecology department,
  • Paedriatic department,
  • Dental unit,
  • ENT department,
  • Ophthalmology department,
  • Physiotherapy department,
  • ICU department and
  • Emergency services.

197+Job Vacancies at K’s Hospital Mbeya

1.Specialist Physician – 1 Post


  • Provide specialized medical services for in-patients and out-patients
  • To supervise junior doctors and provide them supportive supervision
  • Carry out any other duties as assigned from time to time by their supervisor


  • Masters of Medicine in respective specialty from a recognized University and Must be registered with Medical Council of Tanganyika

2.Specialist Pediatrician – 1 Post


  • Conduct regular well baby assessments on newborns and young children to check and record their health and normal growth and development
  • Attend high risk cesarean deliveries and conduct resuscitation as required
  • Assess sick children to determine their condition and ask intuitive questions to gather information about symptoms
  • Reach an informed diagnosis based on scientific knowledge and individual medical history
  • Prescribe medications and give detailed instructions for administration
  • Prescribe and interpret appropriate lab tests to gain more information for possible infections or abnormalities
  • Examine and treat injuries and refer to physicians of other disciplines when necessary (e.g. surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopedists etc.)
  • Advise parents on children’s diet, exercise and disease preventive measures.
  • Define, implement and monitor standards of performance and quality improvement of pediatric services
  • Any other roles assigned by the Supervisor


  • Master Degree in Pediatrics from a recognized University
  • Must have Registration from Medical Council of Tanganyika (MCT).
  • Must have valid Retention Certificate from Medical Council of Tanganyika (MCT).
  • In depth knowledge of children epidemiology and infectious diseases.

3.General Surgeon – 1 Post


Minimum master degree in surgery from recognized university. Must have full Registration from Medical council of Tanzania (MCT). Must have a full Retention certificate from medical council of Tanzania (MCT)

4.Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist – 1 Post


  • Ensure plans for operationalizing fully Operating theatres and ensure targets are achieved
  • Ensure professional and efficient management of Obstetrics and other Emergencies
  • Coordinate and ensure quality clinical service provision (OBGYN and newborn care)197 Job Vacancies at K’s Hospital Mbeya


  • Masters in OBGYN or Board certified or fellows of their respective colleges in the field of OBGY

5.Dermatologist – 1 Post


  • Holder of Master of Medicine in Dermatovenereology or Master of Medicine (MMed) degree (Dermatology) from a recognized institution
  • Must be registered by the Tanganyika Medical Council as a Medical Doctor

6.Ear, Nose And Throat ( ENT) Specialist – 1 Post


  • Carrying out specialized medical care in the field of ENT
  • Attending emergency duties.
  • Participating fully in morning clinical sessions and patient’s presentation.


Must hold at master of medicine (MMed) in surgery from a Tanzania commission of universities (TCU) recognized university with specialization training in otorhinolaryngology.

Must be registered with medical council of Tanganyika as a medical practitioner.

7.Orthopedic Surgeon – 1 Post


Masters Degree in orthopedic and Trauma / board certified or fellow of their respective colleges in the field of surgery.

Certified of Full Registration from medical council of Tanganyika, valid retention certificate from medical council of Tanganyika.

8.MD Radiologist – 1 Post


  • To evaluate patient medical history, perform diagnostic special procedure.
  • Operate imaging technology and machinery, accurately read and interpret results and Diagnose ailments and injuries.
  • Work in conjunction with clinicians and colleagues to develop scanning techniques.
  • Maintain patient’s records and confidentiality in accordance with hospital policies and statutory regulations.


  • Must be a Medical Doctor specialization in Radiology from recognized University / College.
  • Masters Degree is preferred
  • Must be  registered  with  the  Medical  Council  of  Tanganyika  and  the  Medical  Radiology  and  ImagingProfessionals Council.
  • Updates Retention of License of the relevant Regulatory Bodies, Basic Life Support training is mandatory.

9.Dental Surgeon – 1 Post


  • Meeting with Patients to discuss and treat dental concerns performing regular cleanings and other preventative procedures and establish a plan for better dental hygiene
  • Performing all dental procedures, such as extractions, root canals, and filling cavities, dentures, and more as per approved privileges only.
  • Keeping records relating to the oral health of patients and the treatments given to them
  • Any other roles assigned by the Supervisor


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • Certificate of Full Registration from Medical Council of Tanganyika
  • Valid Practicing License from Medical Council of Tanganyika

10.Occupational Therapist II – 1 Post


  • Treating patients through Occupational therapy techniques under the supervision of Senior Occupational therapist Officer;
  • Conducting health education programmer to in patients and out patients;
  • Ensuring proper up-keep of equipment in the department;
  • Conducting training and awareness of primary and secondary prevention of Functional impairment of disabilities to paramedical staff and community (Patient relatives or centers, which services orphans); and
  • Performing any other duties as assigned by his/her Superior.


  • Diploma in Occupational Therapy from any other recognized University/Institution

11.Physiotherapist II – 3 Post


  • To treat patients under supervision of senior staff;
  • To keep and maintain patients records and statistics;
  • To take care of equipment in the Unit/department and report any malfunctions; and
  • To perform any other related duty as assigned by the Supervisor.


Holder of three years Diploma in Physiotherapy from a recognized institution.

12.Ophthalmologist – 1 Post


  • Applicant should possess medical doctor degree from recognized university
  • Applicant should have master degree in ophthalmology from recognized university
  • Applicant with post graduate in ophthalmology will also be considered.
  • Applicant should have experience of not less than 1 year in the specialized field of ophthalmology.

13.Clinical Optometrist II – 1 post


  • To conduct visual analysis;
  • To prescribe optical prescriptions;
  • To maintain optical aids;
  • To keep and maintain patient’s statistics; and
  • To perform any other related duty as assigned by the Supervisor.197 Job Vacancies at K’s Hospital Mbeya


  • Holder of Diploma in Clinical Optometry or in any related field from a reputable institution. All applicants must be Citizens of Tanzania of not more than 36 years of age.

14.Assistant Medical Officer (amo) Ophthalmologist – 1 Post


  • Coordinate scheduling of patient appointments and surgeries.
  • Interview patients and document ocular and medical histories.
  • Perform a variety of routine tests using ophthalmic instruments that provide diagnostic
  • Assist the physician during diagnostic and minor surgical procedures, including instrumentation,
  • Administer topical medications or diagnostic drugs as required by the provider for testing or treatment.
  • Prepare and position patient for diagnostic tests and procedures.
  • Assist the physician with patient education pertaining to the treatment prescribed.


  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Medicine is required
  • Registration with Tanganyika Medical Council is required
  • Valid practicing license is required
  • At least 18 months of clinical experience in ophthalmology is required
  • Exceptional communication skills at all levels

15.Medical Officer II – 14 Post


  • To attend in and out patients;
  • To attend emergency medical duties;
  • To carry out investigations of admitted patients;
  • To ensure that prescribed instructions are carried out;
  • To conduct minor operations;
  • To assist Surgeons at operations;
  • To carry out service and participating in major ward rounds.
  • To ensure that patients are properly prepared for surgery;
  • To participate fully in morning clinical sessions, patient presentation and journal clubs;
  • To participate in research activities;
  • To fill out patient information in the in the book of MTUHA
  • To participate in outreach programs; and
  • To perform any other related duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor.


Holder of either Doctor of Medicine Degree, Bachelor of Medicine or equivalent qualifications from a recognized University or institutions plus successful completion of Internship and registered with the Medical Council of Tanganyika and with valid practicing license.

16.Nursing Officer – 22 Post


To provide high quality nursing care using appropriate nursing process; To assess patient’s condition, plan, implement, document and evaluate; Individualized care using appropriate nursing model and according to the Hospital nursing policy; To ensure all drugs and other treatments are given to the patients as prescribed and observe any adverse condition; To maintain a professional friendly atmosphere and create a dignified Environment; To follow hospital policy in respect of custody and administration of all drugs, with special observation to DDA drugs; To maintain personal contact with patients, their relatives and visitors to enhance the patient’s quality of life, dignity and the good standing of the Hospital; To ensure the safe care and custody of patient’s property in accordance with the hospital policy; To report any accident/incident, loss or theft to the Senior Nursing Officer and complete necessary statements promptly; To fill out patient information in the in the book of MTUHA To maintain health and safety at work by ensuring that infection prevention and control principles are followed; and To perform any other related duty as assigned by the Supervisor.    

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QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Holder of B.Sc. degree in Nursing from a recognized Institution who has been registered by the Nursing and Midwives Council.  

17.Nurse Anesthesia – 2 Post     DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Prepare operating room: check anesthesia machine, supplies, medicine and gases. Perform pre-operative patient’s visits: explain procedure to patient and check whether they have any medical condition that could create a problem under anesthesia. Observe condition of patient during surgical procedure, including skin color dilation of pupils and vital signs: initiate remedial measures to prevent surgical shock or other conditions as required. Helps wake up patients after the anesthetics. Accompany patient to recovery area and remain until patient immediate condition is acceptable. Perform post-anesthesia patient visits to rule out any complications secondary to anesthesia patient visits to rule out any complications secondary to anesthesia. Ensure adherence to standard operating procedure. QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Diploma in Nursing and Certificate of Anesthesia from a recognized institution. Must be registered by the Tanzania Nurses and Midwifery Council At least 18 months working experiences in a reputable health institution.    18.Assistant Nursing Officer – 50 Post  DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  To provide safe and professional nursing services to staff and specified members of their families.  QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Assist the Medical Officer in attending to routine and emergency treatment. Initiating requisition for medicines and other medical supplies. Supervise Ward Attendants and other support staff at the dispensary. Ensure that accurate nursing records are maintained in accordance with agreed policy. Deliver quality nursing services to patients and assist subordinate staff to deliver the same using appropriate nursing process. Provide health education and counseling to patients and staff. Assess patient’s condition, plan, implement, and document and evaluate individualized care. Collect and analyses health statistics and provide appropriate recommendations. Visit patients and provide necessary assistance. Maintain Health and Safety at dispensary by ensuring that infection, prevention and control principles are followed. Perform other related duties as may be assigned QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Ordinary diploma in Nursing from a recognized University or College with at least upper second class; Must be registered with the Nurses and Midwives Council of Tanganyika;    19.Radiographer II – 5 Post     DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  To perform patients radiological examination including x-rays, Ultrasound Scan, CT scan. To keep and maintain patients waiting for seniors to interpret and give radiological results. To provide technical advice on radiation in the Unit. To prepare contrast media and chemicals for radiological examination To process radiological images To keep and maintain patient’s records. To inform medical physics and engineers on machine faults To perform any other duties as shall be assigned by superiors. QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Holder of diploma in one of the following fields: Radiographer or any equivalent qualifications from any recognized Institution. Must be enrolled in the register of Medical Radiology and Imaging Professionals as Radiographer.  20.Radiology Nurse – 2 Post  DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Provides direct care to assigned patients Independently performs duties and assumes responsibility for care of assigned Patients. Performs techniques and routines in the specialty service area Performs or assists others to perform proper aseptic techniques, isolation Procedures and infection control measures. Documents nursing care in all assigned patient records Evaluates care given including the patient response. Performs related duties as required. Participates in the development of the specialist nursing service in Radiology Supervises visiting nurses, students and assistant staff    QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  A Board Altruists Registered General Nurse license in good Standing     21.Pharmacy Technician – 2 Post  DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Supports pharmacological services by stocking, assembling, and distributing medications Maintains pharmacy inventory by checking pharmaceutical stock to determine inventory level, anticipating needed medications and supplies, placing and expediting orders, verifying receipt, and removing outdated drugs. Ensures medication availability by delivering medications to patients and departments Maintains records by recording and filing physicians’ orders and prescriptions Organizes medications for pharmacist to dispense by reading medication orders and prescriptions, preparing labels, calculating quantities, and assembling intravenous solutions and other pharmaceutical therapies Protects patients and employees by adhering to infection-control policies and protocol QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  High School diploma, GED, or equivalent Previous experience in a pharmacy, retail, medical, or customer service setting Previous experience as a Pharmacy Technician Knowledge of pharmacy law and medical terminology Successful completion of a pharmacy technician program Certified Pharmacy technician is an asset    22.Medical Attendant Ii – 71 Post  DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  carrying out general cleaning of wards and its surroundings. Give bed bath to bed ridden patients. . Provide and removing bedpans and urinal bottles. Feed patients. Collect patients’ linen for laundry services. Send patients for e-rays. Send specimen to laboratories and collecting results. Performing any other duties related to his/her work as assigned by his/her Supervisor. QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Ordinary Secondary School Education with at least 1 year certificate in nursing course.  23.Social Welfare Officer – 1 Post  QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Holder of B.A.(Sociology) Degree or Advanced Diploma of Social Work or its equivalent qualification from recognized institution• Familiar in coordination with Partners, Government Departments and CSOs A very good communication and correspondence skills with good spoken Kiswahili and English, Ability to plan and organize work effectively and deal with multiple tasks simultaneously, Should have good working knowledge on Microsoft Office Programmers Good team player    24.Driver – 1 Post  DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  To drive properly all types of motor vehicles To attend minor mechanical faults To undertake routine checks on the vehicle to ensure that is services To ensure that vehicle are in good running condition at all times To use vehicle only on assigned duties and to keep time when on duty To report promptly any detected fault or defect on the motor vehicle To inspect a vehicle before and after the journey to verify their road worthiness To maintain vehicle logbook accurately and timely recorded To ensure that the vehicle assigned is always clean, in good running condition and is parked in a safe place and To perform any other related duties as may assigned by the supervisor    QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Form IV or VI certificate, a valid driving license class C or E with Basic Driving Course.     25.Customer Services Officer – 3 Post  DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Evaluating all documents to ensure that appropriate information has been obtained for billing purpose. Handling patient’s complaints, referral sources and administration department inquires. 197 Job Vacancies at K’s Hospital Mbeya. Communicate with insurance office for authorization request, as well as conducting insurance verification and eligibility for service. Responsible for coordinating, collecting and imputing all patient information and new patient set-ups into a customer information system. Ensuring customer satisfaction by assisting them with issues and concern related to their health, making decision as needed off hours without supervision to ensure uninterrupted providing of services. communicate and coordinate with internal departments. QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Diploma, PR / Marketing degree or equivalent Experience of not less than two years. Experience working in a hospital. Numeric, Oral and written language applications.    QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE  Interpersonal skills Communication skills – verbal – non verbal and written Listening skills Critical & problem solving skills Customer service orientation stress tolerance Attention to detail and accuracy.    26.Medical Records Technician II – 8 Post  DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES     To receive and document patients’ records at hospital reception; To store and retrieve medical records documents; To prepare clinics; To edit patients case records; To maintain record safety and confidentiality; To direct patients to relevant clinics; To schedule patients to the consultants and specialty clinics; To prepare health records and reports; and To perform any other duties related to his/her work as assigned by his/her superior and any other related authority of the institute. QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE     Ordinary Diploma in Health Records or equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution and must have computer skills     GENERAL CONDITIONS  Duty Station:Mbeya  Applicants must attach an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) having reliable contacts; postal address, e-mail and telephone numbers Applicants should apply on the strength of the information given in this advertisement; Applicants must attach their certified copies of the following certificates; Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificates; Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma transcripts; Form IV and Form VI National Examination Certificates; Birth certificate. Applicants should indicate three reputable referees with their reliable contacts; Applicants with special needs/case (disability) are supposed/advised to indicate; Application Instructions  Applications should be submitted electronically through the email: [email protected] with the subject line of the Position or hand delivered to:  Hospital Secretary, P. O. BOX 450, Mafiat, Mbeya.  Please note:only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.  Closing date for application is 6th July 2021.  Or Call us 0784 350 222/0767 350 222

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