A Walk In The Night By Alex La Guma | Analysis

A Walk In The Night By Alex La Guma | Analysis

A Walk in the Night is La Guma’s first work of long pose fiction. It is a part of his transition from journalism to fiction. Because of its shortness, many critics refer to it as a novella. Mbari, an important African publishing house, published it in Nigeria in 1962. Its first edition had 91 pages and Peter Clarke, the artist and writer, designed its cover. La Guma began to write it in 1959, and he appears to have finished it sometimes in 1960, though it is unclear whether he had almost finished it in before his detention or whether he finished it in jail. Characters, as described in the novella, are victims of the apartheid regime. The novella brought information in literary form about the injustice of apartheid to a wider audience

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