ARIS – UDSM | Academic Registration Information System (ARIS).

The Academic Registration Information System (ARIS) holds all the information relating to students and their studies at the University of Dar es Salaam.

What does ARIS do? ARIS allows Staff and Students of UDSM to manage their management tasks online. Here is an example of what ARIS can do:
Register for Courses online View Course Progress and Results
Teaching Staff
View list of Students per Course Publish Course Results Track Students Progress
Accommodation Management Payment Management Degree Configuration


AFter log in to you account

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You can access ARIS functionalities by following appropriate links on the menu side. Following is further information about the links :

Course Results
This functionality allows you as a student to view your results once they are published.

Course Registration
This functionality allows you as a student to register courses for the next academic year. When you follow this link you will see a list of core and optional courses for your degree programmes in the next academic year. You can select the optional courses you wish to register by checking the checkbox beside the corresponding courses. Core courses are automatically selected for you. Incase you are required to specify a specialized degree programme, Click “Edit” on the “Degree Programme Information” area and select a specialized programme you wish to pursue.

Change Password
This functionality allows you to change your password any time you wish to do so. It is recommended that you change your password immediately after your first login into ARIS system.

Confirm Graduation
This functionality allows a finalist to confirm on participation on Graduation Celemonies