Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes For High CTR in 2021

Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes For High CTR in 2021

Do you want a WordPress theme that can increase your AdSense earnings?

If you have a blog that makes money with AdSense, having a AdSense ready WordPress theme can boost your CTR and increase your AdSense money like a boss!

In this article, we will see the top 10 best AdSense optimized WordPress themes that you should try in 2020. These themes are proven to increase AdSense earnings by giving them more visibility, high CTR and hence more clicks.

While there are 100s of ads ready WordPress themes like the Divi theme (read my divi theme review ) that have dedicated AdSense widgets), we’ll talk only about the top 10 AdSense friendly WordPress themes that have proven track record of improving the click through rate and themes that make it easy to insert AdSense ad codes without using any plugin.

I’ve also added a few free AdSense WordPress themes if you prefer using them.

Ready to select the best ad optimized theme for your dream AdSense niche site?

Let’s go!

10 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes For High CTR in 2021

Here is the list of top 10 AdSense Optimized WordPress themes for high CTR:

  1. FocusBlog (Makes millions- see proof below!)
  2. Magazine Pro
  3. MTS Newspaper
  4. Ad-Sense theme
  5. Admania
  6. Newspaper Theme
  7. Socially viral
  8. Truepixel theme
  9. Truemag theme
  10. Beginner theme
  11. Flick theme
  12. Foodie Pro theme
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Benefits of Using AdSense Optimized themes

Why use Ad-friendly themes?

For those of you who ask advantages of using AdSense optimized WordPress themes over any other theme, let’s learn how these themes can give you an edge over regular premium themes like Elegant themes.

Google AdSense friendly themes are the templates that have optimized ad spaces, are faster loading so your ads are all filled and give you a high CTR. Here are the benefits of investing is such a theme.

  • They save you the experimentation phase: With AdSense, you have to experiment a lot as to which ad placement is getting more CTR, what ad formats give maximum revenue etc. AdSense ready themes are designed after rigorous experimentation and usage stats so they come inbuilt with what works out of the box.
  • High CTR Themes: You can have content, you can have rankings but what will boost your revenue is CTR. So, we have best WP themes that improve the click through rates for maximum revenue.
  • Proven Methods: In this best AdSense optimized themes I will show you the themes that have proven track record of giving their users millions of dollars. This doesn’t mean you can earn millions but these themes will definitely increase your revenue from Google ads.
  • Anti-Adblocker techniques: Ad Blockers have been a pain for bloggers who reply on ad revenue. How about themes that have inbuilt anti-adblocker add on that notifies the users to disable ad block extension before processing.

Ready to select a theme that can increase your AdSense revenue?