eLC UGA Login Help Guide – eLearning Commons (eLC)

eLC UGA Login Help Guide – eLearning Commons (eLC)

eLC UGA Login Help Guide – eLearning Commons (eLC). eLC UGA Login Help Guide – eLearning Commons (eLC) is the online learning management system for the University of Georgia. It is also sometimes referred to as D2L (the company responsible for eLC) or Brightspace (what D2L calls their product). You may think of eLC as a vast repository where you can store and track information related to coursework. Anyone with a valid UGA myID login and password can access eLC and engage in specific courses using a computer or mobile device.

eLC UGA Login

eLearning Commons (eLC) is the online learning management system for the University of Georgia. Using a mobile device? Try eLC on the Brightspace Pulse mobile app for Apple or Android! Visit this tutorial on Navigating Brightspace Pulse for more information.

UGA MyID Login & Non-MyID Login

The following below is helpful guide for eLC UGA Login:-

  • Go to you internet support device like laptop, Smartphone, computer etc
  • Make sure you have an internet access
  • Visit official website link https://sso.uga.edu/cas/login
  • After page open fill required details:-
    • Username
    • Password
  • Finally click on login button for successful login in the system.

For more visit UGA MyID Login link=>>https://uga.view.usg.edu/d2l/custom/cas

Trouble Logging In (UGA MyID Login)

There are several reasons why you may have trouble logging in to a CAS or UGA SSO-protected application.

  • Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache. Erase cookies and clear your cache in Google Chrome back to the “beginning of time” setting. Or, try another web browser, like Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
  • Incorrect MyID password. Try typing your MyID password again. If you’ve forgotten your MyID password, you can reset it from the EITS website.
  • Invalid MyID: If you have left UGA, your MyID may have been deemed inactive and disabled or deleted. If you need your MyID re-enabled, contact the EITS Help Desk at [email protected].
  • You are not enrolled in ArchPass: Some applications protected by CAS or UGA SSO also require you to verify your identity with a device enrolled in ArchPass, UGA’s phone-enabled two-step login solution, powered by Duo. New incoming students must enroll devices and begin using ArchPass to log in once they receive their UGAMail address. You can enroll devices through the Duo Self-Service Portal. You can find instructions for enrolling devices on the Help Desk website.

If you are enrolled in ArchPass, but are having trouble using the service, visit the ArchPass FAQs.

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Why use eLC?

eLC provides a FERPA-protected platform for UGA (Athena) courses to house classroom content and activities in a shared digital learning space. For example, you can use eLC to share and store documents, execute quizzes, engage students in online discussions, provide video, audio, and other resources, deliver course announcements, and so on. It is highly customizable and provides instructors the ability to personalize course content and experience.

The following two resources outline the benefits of using Learning Management Systems for a class:

  • Pappas, Christopher (2016). The Top 8 Benefits of Using Learning Management Systems. eLearning Industry
  • Washington, Gloria Y. (2019). The Learning Management System Matters in Face-to-Face Higher Education Courses. Journal of Educational Technology Systems. 48 (2): 255-275. doi.org/10.1177/0047239519874037

Getting help with eLC

eLC users at UGA have multiple avenues of getting help related to eLC. Topics may range from help required to create, configure, and manage content of different types on eLC. Following are sources of eLC related assistance you can access at UGA:

  • This website contains workflows, instructions, and explanations of how eLC works. All information about how to conduct classes on eLC can be found here with topics ranging from course layout, student engagement, content, and assessments. There is a separate section directed at student users – this section provides a student perspective of the same settings in the environment. If you intend to train yourself systematically in eLC, we recommend using the Getting Started tab on the navigation bar.
  • You can use the Contact Us page to request assistance from UGA’s in-house eLC experts. On this page, you will find contact details of unit and university level contacts for eLC. The page contains clear instructions for creating a ticket for requesting eLC related help for all kinds of users.
  • Additional help and discussion forums about different settings and tools within eLC can be found on the D2L Brightspace website. This is a great source for exploring how people use D2L Brightspace beyond UGA.
  • USG provides D2L related support on the level of the university system. Users can register complaints, create tickets, and request help on this website too.

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For the more information eLC UGA Login Help Guide visit official website https://uga.view.usg.edu/d2l/login