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  Topic 1: LISTENING TO AND UNDERSTANDING SIMPLE TEXTS ABOUT A VARIETY OF EVENTS AND SITUATION.Listening To and Understanding Simple Oral Texts on Events SPORTS DAY It was Sports Day at our school so students gathered at the playground which was full of students from different schools within the Morogoro region. At 4pm, a match between Kilakala Secondary School and Bigwa Secondary School, a sister school began. The referee called all players to line up at the center of the football pitch and the coaches directed their teams to the centre of the football pitch. Spectators gathered and cheered at their teams. One of players, Siha, injured another player, Janet, on her leg. Janet was given first aid and treated for her injuries. When the match approached the to end, two students ran into each other, and one of them, Jane, fainted. Five minutes before the end of the match, the Kilakala football team scored a goal, declaring them the winners. The referee blew his whistle and the team members left the football pitch. Vocabulary Meaning of Common Vocabulary used in sports story example football.  (a) Suddenly – Quickly (b) Spectator – People who are watching something (c) Exciting – something you enjoy so much (d) Attract – make people like to see something Exercise 1 Give the meaning of the following words as used in the story: ENGLISH NOTES FOR FORM

  1. Competitor
  2. Crash
  3. Spectator
  4. Referee
  5. Football pitch
  6. Coach

GRADUATION DAY VOCABULARY Graduation – a party of student who has finished school Activities – work Arrange – plan e.g. The teacher said that we should arrange our chair properly Imagine – think of it Example: Imagine a female present in Tanzania Exercise Make two sentences using the words; Graduation and activities (i) ………………….. (ii) …………………. STRUCTURE. Prepositions of Time “At” and “in” Examples (a) The party started at 8:00 (b) The guest of honor arrived at 12:00 (c) We ate lunch in the evening (d) The sleep at right (e) We arrived at school in the morning Listening to and Understanding Simple Texts OUR SCHOOL The school Head Master’s office is next to the laboratory which students use to conduct different experiments in biology, chemistry and physics. At 2 pm, students go to the assembly hall for daily announcements on routines and activities. The dining hall is between the school lab and the dormitory; students eat their meals in the dinning hall. There are many fruit vendors near the dining hall selling apples, pineapples, oranges, and bananas. After their meal at 5 pm, students go to their dormitories to shower and clean up. There are several bathrooms and laundry rooms where the students take baths and wash their clothes. After their evening meals, students normally go to the classrooms for personal study. MY FIRST DAY AT SECONDARY SCHOOL My name is Evelyn Livoga, my father’s name is Mr. Livoga and my mother’s name is Mrs. Grace Livoga. ENGLISH NOTES FOR FORM I am fifteen years old. I am black in colour and tall, thin in size. My first day at secondary school was exciting. I was very excited. When I arrived at school saw some of my friends who come to me and helped me with my luggage to the Head Mistress office for checkup. I waved by to my parents and they gave me a hug. When I went to the office they checked my luggage and they showed me the way to the dormitory. I went to the dormitory hurriedly and keep my luggage. Then I took bath and I went to class. When I reached to the class I made my friends and they gave me a lot of loving company. After a half an hour the bell rang and everybody followed the bell. All the teachers come in front of us and started introducing themselves and lastly the Head Mistress introduced herself. Her name is Sis. Magreth. When it reached seven O’clock we had our first dinner at this precious school called St. Joseph Millennium Secondary School. After one and half hour we had our evening prayers and we went to our dormitory to sleep, since then our patron come and showed everybody her room. After that I prepared my bed and I have my bed ready to sleep. My room where very charming and the patron was very good. I pray for myself and I slept. I hope my road of success will be successful at the end. EXERCISE Make two sentences using the words spectators and Exciting (i) ————————– (ii) ————————–
Dictation is the act or process of saying or reading words which are written down by another person. It can take place in school seminars or certain training sessions. Activity 1 Write down the text as read by the teacher A terrible accident occurred last Sunday along Morogoro Road; a lorry hit a pedestrian crossing the road at the Msamvu junction. The pedestrian died on the spot. The police arrived at the scene of the accident and called an ambulance from Morogoro Regional Hospital. The body was taken to the hospital’s mortuary before being collected by relatives and buried at Kola Hill. Activity 2 Write down the words below as read by a teacher

  1. Pencil
  2. Exercise
  3. Survival
  4. Environment
  5. Dormitory
  6. Desk


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