Government Jobs At Korogwe District Council

Korogwe District Council is one of the ten districts of Tanga Region in Tanzania. The district is bordered by Lushoto District in the northeast, Muheza District to the east, Simanjiro District to the west, Same District to the northwest and Handeni District to the south. Korogwe District has an area of 3,756 square kilometers which is 14% of the whole area of Tanga Region. The district has 4 divisions, 20 wards and 135 villages (URT 2008). 

Korogwe District has a population of 260 238 people of which 127 653 are males and 132 585 females with an annual growth rate of 1.2% (National Bureau of Statistics, 2002; URT, 2008). The district has heterogeneous tribes in which the dominant ethnic tribes are Sambaa and Zigua. Other people of different origin and tribes from other regions had moved and settled in the district in search of employment in the sisal estates and other sectors.

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Administratively Korogwe District Council has four division, 16 Wards, 122 registered villages and 610 registered hamlets (Vitongoji). At council level, the political administration of Korogwe District Council is composed of 22 Councilors representing 16 wards, and 5 nominated members and one Member of Parliament. The District Executive Director and Heads of Departments constitute the Executive Components of the Council.


The Executive Director of Korogwe District Council announces to all Tanzanians that are qualified and able to fill the following positions in the PDF FILE below: