Government Jobs At Nanyumbu District Council

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Government Jobs At Nanyumbu District Council. Nanyumbu District Council is one of the nine Local government Authorities in Mtwara Region. It was established in 2005 under the Local Government Act of 1982 and its administrative authority was conferred upon it by the Parliament of Tanzania. The main objective of establishing the council was to give more powers to the people for their own development and get reliable social services closer to them as stipulated in the constitution of Tanzania. The geographical position of Nànyumbu District Council lies between Latitude 120 and 100 South of the equator and between longitude 360 and 380 East of Greenwich. The Council is bordered by Nachingwea district in Lindi region on the North, Tunduru district in Ruvuma Region on the west, Masasi district on the east and Mozambique country on the south.

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They strive to become excellent RS in the country on provision of quality advisory and socio-economic services to all our stakeholders by 2017


They aim to strengthen LGAs systems and Coordinate social-Economic development Services to all our stakeholders through provision of advisory, Technical assistance and statutory Interventions to the peoples of Mtwara Region.


The Nanyumbu District Council Executive director is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill positions as shown in the PDF FILE below: