GTA 6 release date, settings and more

GTA 6 release date, settings and more. Grand Theft Auto 6, or GTA 6 for short, has been hogging the interest in the gaming community for a long time. That is weird considering that there is very little actual information available anywhere to confirm, or deny, about the upcoming game. However, since Grand Theft Auto is such a massively popular game, the interest in it is easily stirred every time a leakster reveals some tantalising bits of information. Well, that has just happened, as far as Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 is concerned. The points raised have instantly piqued everyone’s interest. The source of the new GTA 6 leaks is a new video and tweets by Battlefield content creator Tom Henderson, who is also considered a leakster. However, he does add that everyone should “take all this information with a grain of salt”. What he has done now is collate all the information he has passed on about the GTA 6 game and brought out a video with some important additions.

According to him, GTA 6 is likely to have a modern setting and this stems from the simple reason that it worked very well for Grand Theft Auto Online. This will have the added bonus of bringing in existing players.

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The game will feature multiple playable characters. What is notable here is that there will actually be a woman in it too and she will likely not be the weakest link. In fact, far from it. Henderson said she is “the bright one in the group regarding hacking”. However, there is one big disappointment. As far as GTA 6 release date is concerned. Earlier, Henderson had said that GTA 6 would be released anytime around 2023 to 2024. However, now he calls that timeline “premature”! A further delay in release is attributed to the very success of Grand Theft Auto V, which has done magnificently well and is currently the top sold version of them all.

The reason behind that may well be the corona pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and even now the threat that new mutated versions of the virus pose for everyone. In this scenario, it becomes important to keep employees safe. It has also been pointed out by Henderson that there may not be a universal release and that it might get limited to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and the PC.

GTA 6 release date, settings and more