ITDT Regional Voluntary Workforce Volunteer at VSO April, 2021

VSO is the world’s leading international development charity that works through volunteers to create a fair world for everyone. At VSO we pride ourselves on doing development differently. We fight poverty not by sending aid, but by working through volunteers and partners to create long-lasting change in some of the world’s poorest regions. We bring key stakeholders together to coordinate collective action, from local organizations to national governments. Our programs in Africa and Asia focus on health, education, and livelihoods, with an increasing emphasis on resilience, peacebuilding, social accountability, gender, and social inclusion. We’re not about delivering quick fixes, but instead, we focus on long-lasting, sustainable change that will improve the lives of generations to come.


Role overview

Working at project location – In this role, you will provide on-site support in the project location and/or VSO office, (full-time unless otherwise specified) for a set period of time.

A. Advocating for active community, health ministries, and health partners involvement in the continuity of essential health and nutrition services, through piloting and implementation/adoption of the Community CES Input Tracking Data Tool
1. Number of partners and facilities sensitized on the use of the Community CES ITDT
2. Number of partners and facilities that have adapted/adopted the Community CES Scorecard
B. Preventing infections of HCF workers – advocate for enhanced monitoring and prevention of hospital-acquired infections (HCWs & others) – with CM
1. Review informal sources of data of HCWs infection (period: monthly) and the trend is analyzed and reported
2. IPC stakeholders (MoH and IPC partners) have participated in a workshop on quality assurance and accountability mechanisms related to HCW protection. [ under the umbrella of the institutionalization of QoC and HCW protection]
3. Tanzania has implemented the HCW Risk Assessment and HW toolkit tool in more than 75% of HCF
C. Tanzania supported the development and adaptation of the community scorecard or other method to prevent COVID-19

Skills, qualifications and experience

Competencies and Behaviour

At VSO we believe progress is only possible by working together. Whether you want to join us as an employee, or as a volunteer working in your own country, overseas or online, our selection process includes an assessment based on these core competencies:

Recommended  2 Opportunities at SUA

• Ability to be open minded and respectful
• Ability to be resilient and adaptive to new situations
• Ability to facilitate positive change and build sustainable working relationships
• Ability to seek and share knowledge

Equal Opportunities

VSO promotes equal opportunities and values a diverse workforce.


As a VSO volunteer you will work on an ad hoc basis, performing activities for VSO / your community during your free time. Expenses you incur while volunteering for VSO are reimbursed (be more specific if applicable).


If you are not able to work from your own home, VSO will provide basic accommodation (including utilities).

Some background about VSO

Much has changed since VSO started 60 years ago. We’ve gone from being a UK charity to a truly global development organization. In 2016/2017 alone, we worked with over 7,000 volunteers from all over the world and from all backgrounds to deliver services that had an impact on the lives of almost 2.6 million people in the 24 countries where we work. Our programs focus on the areas of health, education, and livelihoods, with an increasing emphasis on resilience building, social accountability, gender, and social inclusion. We believe progress is only possible when we work together and that strong partnerships are crucial to delivering positive change. That’s why we work with over 500 partner organizations, from local and national governments to businesses, NGOs, funders, charities, and community groups. Currently, over 30% of our people are recruited from within the country in which they work, and we continue to grow the share of community and national volunteers involved in our programs. We also send increasing numbers of volunteers from one developing country to another. However, our vision has remained the same; to build a world without poverty


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