Job Opportunities at TANROADS Lindi


Job Opportunities at TANROADS Lindi The national roads network covers a total of 35,000 km, out of which 12,786 km are trunk roads and 22,214 km are regional roads. Out of the total 35,000 km of the national roads network, 25,849 km, amounting to 73.9%, are still unpaved. It is envisaged that the whole of Tanzania’s Trunk Road Network is to be paved by the year 2021.


Nafasizakazi TANROADS lindi

The condition of airport infrastructure and facilities for most of the 58 airports owned by the government is poor. Only two (2) international airports (JNIA and KIA) and eight (8) domestic airports have paved runways in good condition. For the remaining 48 airports, six (6) have paved runways but in poor condition, while 42 are either gravel or grass runways. The number of airports installed with Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) to allow night operations is only five (5).

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Job Opportunities at TANROADS Lindi


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