Job Opportunity at Stanbic Bank Tanzania Limited – Head, Data

Head, Data


Job ID: 52016

Location: Dar es Salaam

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Job Details

Risk Management: understanding all risks – from the economic to the political – that could affect our global business, and offering guidance to all parts of the bank

Job Purpose

  • To translate Stanbic Bank Tanzania Ltd (SBT) data vision and strategy as well as Country/Business Unit/Corporate Function strategy into data strategies to support the bank’s objectives. 
  • To implement the data strategy by co-ordinating and facilitating data programmes to enable consistent and effective data driven business decisions. 
  • To enforce governance and compliance ensuring alignment to the Enterprise Data Committee framework, policies and standards. 

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities


Devise and Implement an applicable strategy for that is aligned to SBG data strategies and Country objectives.


  • Execute the Data Operating model in area of responsibility including the data provisioning layer (DPL) and curated data in support of the single view data domains and ensure the simplification of IT data and information architecture.
  • Drive the standardisation of data management practices within area of responsibility in line with organisational frameworks in order to encourage and enable a uniform and consistent view of data across the organisation and support the concept of Universal Bank Data.
  • Co-ordinate and facilitate Data and Information programmes by liaising with the Country and relevant Data stakeholders to identify data assets or business cases that could be prioritised for data monetisation and selective investment, thereby enhancing revenue.
  • Develop, maintain and expand a network of stakeholders / partners to identify opportunities to extract value from data and realise opportunities to enhance revenues.
  • Represent the Country at Country or Regional Data Committees, forums and priority planning events leverage and socialise the nuanced data requirements for area of responsibility.  Influence priority and consideration of these nuances in policy, data platform capability and practice design solutions, while ensuring alignment to policies, standards and governance mandate.

Financial Management

  • Create and monitor a profit and loss statement for data activities within area of responsibility and influence data investment decisions to ensure a consistent return on investments. 
  • Enable data monetisation efforts by deepening the understanding and measurement around Data Value cases and ensuring that the cases are developed and measured as per relevant SBG standards.


  • Review data capability levels of the Country/BU/CF and collaborate with stakeholders to develop plans to achieve desired capability state. 
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing through various structures such as the guild to strengthen capacity and promote best practice.
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Risk, Regulatory, Prudential & Compliance

  • Collate regulatory data requirements for area of responsibility to identify inadequacies in the existing practices to support compliance to regulatory requirements.
  • Lead the assurance review process for area of responsibility to verify the degree of compliance policies and standards, and co-ordinate remediation programmes as required.
  • Assess the impact of privacy and other legislation on the data landscape and develop and drive an implementation plan that will ensure awareness and compliance

Preferred Qualification and Experience

Minimum Qualifications

Type of Qualification

Field of Study: Post Graduate Degree

Information Technology

Other Minimum Qualifications, certifications or professional memberships

Other fields of study include: Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering or Accounting.

Major subjects should include Informatics and/or Data Science, Statistics and/or Mathematics, Information Management, Computer Science.

Preferred Qualifications

Type of Qualification

Field of Study

Masters Degree

Information Technology

Other Preferred Qualifications, certifications or professional memberships

Other fields of study include: Natural Science, Computer Science, Engineering or Accounting

Other preferred certifications include: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP), Risk Management (PRM, FRM) and Actuary

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

The ability to plan, develop and execute an enterprise information management framework, to improve the accuracy, integrity and accessibility of information.

Proficiency Level 3 SEASONED – Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required

Data Integrity

The ability to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data for the duration that the data is stored as well as preventing unintentional alterations or loss of data.

Proficiency Level 3 SEASONED – Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required

Data Analysis

Ability to analyse statistics and other data, interpret and evaluate results, and create reports and presentations for use by others.

Proficiency Level 4 ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others

Product and Services Knowledge

An understanding of the products and services features, benefits and pricing of the products and services on offer to the business across multiple business areas.

Proficiency Level 2 Clear knowledge and application of the concept


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