Nafasi za Kazi At Sikonge District Council

Nafasi za Kazi At Sikonge District Council. Nafasi za Kazi At Sikonge District Council. Sikonge District is one of the seven districts of the Tabora Region of Tanzania.  It is bordered to the northwest by Urambo District, to the north by Uyui District, to the east by Manyoni District of Singida Region, to the south by Chunya District of Mbeya Region, and to the southwest by Mlele District of Katavi Region.

As of 2002, the population of Sikonge District was 133,388. According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Sikonge District was 179,883. Sikonge District was gazetted in July 1996, but didn’t officially start to function as a district until 1997. The area had previously been the Sikonge Division of Tabora District.

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Sikonge district council aspires to be highly competent Local government authority in Tanzania in terms of its ability to provide quality services for sustainable social economic services for sustainable social –economic development of its people. 


Sikonge District council in collaboration of all stakeholders is committed to maintain peace   and order, good governance and coordinate efficient provision of quality social economic services through participatory processes and gender equality for sustainable livelihood to its people


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