Names Called To Join Tanzania Police Force

New job opportunities At Tanzania Police Force

Names Called To Join Tanzania Police Force.

The Police Force would like to announce the names of young people with a degree, diploma, diploma, form six and form four who were interviewed and selected to join the Tanzania Police Force through the Homes Regional and Regional Police Headquarters. The date and procedure for reporting to the Moshi Police School will be provided by the Commanders of The Regional Police officers who interviewed them will be required to go with their fares depending on their destination from Moshi.

For young people who have applied for job opportunities through the forces that are under the Police Force Headquarters and interviewed Police Baracks Dar es Salaam, will be announced on the day of reporting through the Police website In addition, all youths are instructed that on the day of reporting to Moshi Police School they should be equipped
the following:

  1. Original birth certificate, original academic certificate; Form Four certificate, form six, diploma, diploma and degree for certification.
  2. Cash Tsh. 50400 / = for inclusion in the health insurance system for the uninsured health, and for those with health insurance to bring their cards.
  3. Track blue suit, white T-shirt with no text, rubber and bukta for sports.
  4. White and non-rectangular white cloth, two light blue sheets, a blanket without flowers and irons
    of charcoal.
  5. While in college they will be required to purchase sanitary ware: a fork, two small buckets and a broom late.
  6. Subsistence money.
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According to the rules of the Tanzania Police School it is forbidden to come to school with a mobile phone. He will be found and the phone will be fired immediately. The school will direct the process of obtaining communication.

List of young people selected to attend the initial training to join the Police Force in the country attached to this ad.


See full names and details in the PDF FILE below