New 59 Government Jobs At Tanganyika District Council

New 59 Government Jobs At Tanganyika District Council. Tanganyika District is one of the districts of Katavi Region. The headquarters is Mpanda. Until the beginning of 2016 this district was known as “Mpanda Rural District” (Mpanda District Council). The name comes from Lake Tanganyika located on the eastern border of the area.

In the 2012 census, the district’s population was estimated at 179,136. The district headquarters is being built in Majalila village currently in Tongwa ward. The appointment followed Majalila’s qualifications for being easily accessible due to being located along the main road from Mpanda – Kigoma, the presence of two water tanks, and being in the plan to benefit from REA (Rural Electricity Agency)

The increase of council population, among other factors, was due to the immigrants from outside the council as well as outside the region. Land fertility for agricultural activities in most areas of Katuma plain, Sibwesa, Mpandandogo and Kabungu wards; and the virginity of the land favours pastoralists to migrate with their flocks of  livestock in the council. The 2012 population census results put the Mpanda DC population at 119,939 persons out of which, females account for 50.0 percent of the population or 60,026

Recommended  Nafasi za kazi at Magereza May 2023


The Executive Director of the Tanganyika District Council announces to all qualified citizens to apply for various job vacancies for the Contract. The relevant positions are as follows;