Tamisemi Selform System 2021|Selform Form Four 2021

Tamisemi Selform System 2021|Selform Form Four 2021 Selform System TAMISEMI, Student Tamisemi Self Form (Selform) | Kubadilisha Combinations: In this article, we are providing information about Selform Tamisemi and Selform Tamisemi Registration link. Selform Tamisemi Registration details are also now available here. This is one of the best articles to know better information. So, refer bonce in this article and Don’t forget to share this article with our friends.Kubadili Tahasusi kidato cha tano 2021

Important Information for Graduates of Form Four, 2020! Minister Jafo has announced a process for Form Four graduates in 2020 to change the Form Five Combinations and Vocational Colleges and Vocational Course courses on the Electronic Fifth Form and College electoral system in 2021. Students wishing to make changes are required to log in to the student selection system available at selform.tamisemi.go.tz Said Minister Jafo This exercise will take place from 29/03/2021 to 11/04/2021 at 6 p.m.SELFORM SYSTEM TAMISEMI 2021 | KUBADILISHA TAHASUSI FORM FOUR 2021/2022, SELFORM MIS 2021/2022 Selform System TAMISEMI 2021 | Kubadilisha Tahasusi Form Four 2021/2022, Selform MIS 2020/2021| TAMISEMI Selform System, Kubadilisha Combinations Form Four 2020/2021, Kubadilisha Tahasusi 2020/2021 Form Five, selform.tamisemi.go.tz

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Selform Management Information System (MIS) is the system develop by TAMISEMI that allow form for Students in Tanzania to change different choices in their account like School, College and combination after Results of their final exams released Selform System TAMISEMI.

Tamisemi Selform System 2021|Selform Form Four 2021


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How to use Tamisemi Selform

1. This is very simple, on your mobile phone, open the browser, then enter: selform.tamisemi.go.tz after that click register or login. That is to say, if it is your first time you must register, but if you have already registered you shall only be required to login. You can see the screen shot below for more viewable information.


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