Top Tallest Building in Africa 2021

Top Tallest Building in Africa 2021

Top Tallest Building in Africa 2021. The history of the tallest building in Africa began in 1973 following the construction of the Carlton Centers in Johannesburg, which held the crown of the tallest building in Africa until April 2019 according to the CK network.


Top Tallest Building in Africa 2021

The following below is the top ten tallest building in Africa:-

1. Leonardo, South Africa

The Leonardo Palace is 227 meters high with 56 floors. According to the CK network, construction of the palace began on November 17, 2015 and lead in height in 2019.

2. Carlton Center, South Africa

The 223-meter Carlton Center is a major shopping center – in Johannesburg, South Africa,

3. Britam Tower, Kenya

The Britam Tower, is 200 meters high and is located in the Upper Hill area of ​​Nairobi.

The 31-storey building, which began construction in 2013, was completed in September 2017.

4. CBE Headquarters, Ethiopia

The building is 198 meters high and is owned by Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). Apartment 46.

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5. Nairobi GTC Office Tower

The construction of the Nairobi GTC Office Tower has brought a new guest to the list of tallest buildings in Kenya.

A height of 184 meters and 43 storeys is expected to be the headquarters of China Avic.

6. Ponte City, South Africa

The 172.8-meter Ponte City Palace is located in the South African city of Johannesburg built in 1975.

7. UAP Tower, Kenya

The building, located in the Upper Hill area of ​​Nairobi, is 163 meters high. It opened in July 2016 after its construction took more than five years, 33 storeys

List of tallest buildings in Africa

8. NECOM House, Nigeria

The NECOM building known as the NITEL Tower is 158 meters high in the center of Lagos city. Completed 1979.

9. Tanzania Ports Authority Tower, Tanzania

The Tanzania Ports Authority Tower, 157 meters long in Dar es Salaam. After its construction was completed in 2016, the palace is 40 meters high.

10. PSPF Towers, Tanzania

The PSPF Towers building in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania is 153 meters high and serves as an office.