Various Government Jobs at KASULU Town Council

Kasulu District Kasulu is located in northwestern Tanzania, near the international border with the Republic of Burundi. The town lies at the centre of Kasulu District, Kigoma Region. It is located approximately 78 kilometres (48 mi), by road, northeast of Kigoma, the location of the regional headquarters.

Kasulu lies approximately 800 kilometres (500 mi), by road, northwest of Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. The coordinates of the town of Kasulu are:4° 34′ 48.00″S, 30° 6′ 0.00″E (Latitude:4.5800; Longitude:30.1000).
Administration The town is the location of the headquarters of Kasulu District Administration. Agriculture is the main income generating activity in the Council. Over 85% of inhabitants depend on crop and animal husbandry, while the remaining percentage depend on other economic activities such as Small and medium enterprise businesses (SMEs).

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The main food crops are maize, beans, cassava, sweet potatoes and banana. The main cash crops include coffee, tobacco and sugar cane. The per capita income of each individual in the council is estimated to Tshs. 685, 000/= per annum. Industrial contribution to the GDP of Kasulu Town is very minimal due to very little investment.
New Government Jobs Opportunities KIGOMA at KASULU Town Council, 2020. Today we announce jobs at KASULU Town Council. Read carefully all currently available jobs descriptions by downloading PDF File attached…. 

MODE OF APPLICATION BONYEZA LINK HAPA CHINI KU DOWNLOAD PDF FILE Full details and apply through the link below:

Deadline: 26th November, 2020.


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